Kristin Shriver: Blog en-us (C) Kristin Shriver (Kristin Shriver) Mon, 13 Nov 2017 23:53:00 GMT Mon, 13 Nov 2017 23:53:00 GMT Kristin Shriver: Blog 80 120 Your Time is Now FamilyFamily You get up in the morning, turn on the coffee pot, wake the kids, get them all ready for school, get them off to school, head to work, pick up kids from school, do homework, make dinner, run the kids through the shower and shoo them off to bed. Come the weekend, there are sports and parks, maybe a birthday party to attend. And you're exhausted.


During holidays and events, you are double timing. You manage to grab the camera and take pictures of grandma and grandpa, your spouse, your kids, and the family pets. But there is one person missing. You.


You might argue that you're not photogenic. You might say when you loose a few extra pounds you'll let someone take your picture. You might even go so far as to say that there is no one else capable of managing your camera. Whatever the excuse, just stop.


Let me tell you a story.


I was that way, long before I found out that I was sick. Some days I'm still that way. I hated my picture taken, and some days I still do. I started my photography trek when I was going through treatment. I told my doctor and a support group at the time about it. They all were very encouraging that I was able to find something that could distract me from the pain I was going through. My daughter had become my super model. I put tons of pictures in an album and showed it off a few times. As time passed on, I went into remission and I continued on my trek. It wasn't even two years and I was going through another round of treatment. The pain was worse this time and spent almost two year in treatment before I went into remission. I went through a few surgeries that left several scars both inside and out. I stopped looking in the mirror, at the reflection that stared back at me. I felt far from pretty. I took pictures of pretty things, gorgeous places, and a beautiful daughter. My daughter asked me a few years back why there wasn't any pictures of me, or us for that matter. She didn't care what I looked like or what I had gone through. She wasn't fazed by the scars she could see or fear the ones she couldn't see. The pictures I took showed her growing up. They didn't show that I was there. I gave her no pictures of us. I sat down and cried that night and I made some big changes. The next weekend, I took her annual school pictures at the park. I grabbed my remote and jumped in a few pictures. The smile on her face was genuine and so was mine. The pictures were not perfect, some slightly blurry as the focus wasn’t tack sharp. Some were way off to the side of the frame. But she pick a picture that had both of us in it and wanted to hang it in her room. I made three copies of it. One for her, one to place in my bedroom, and the other I placed in my locker were I worked. Every time I looked at it, it made me happy. Happy to see her smile and laugh, and happy that I can show that I was there. Since then, we have taken selfies for no other reason then to just make funny faces at each other.


The point is, you are beautiful now. Don't wait for the pounds to drop off, or to get the next hair cut, or after the last round of treatment. Don't say you don't have the money for a portrait photographer. Grab a friend, a spouse, or even your three year old and ask them to take a picture of you. It may not be prefect but you are prefect now. And you are prefect and beautiful to your family and friends. Let your children have pictures of you and with you. Let your spouse have one to hang in their locker or place on their desk. And hang one up for yourself. Your time is now.

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Why are Senior Portraits such a big deal? Being a Senior in high school is such an accomplishment. It's the reward of getting up early every day, mustering through classes that at times you love and others you wonder why you have to have it. You have made friends that have shaped your life into what it is. To finally be at this point, you heave a huge sigh of relief that it's almost over. But then you stop and think that all those people that you saw every day for the last 13 years will be moving on, some to opposite ends of the world and some staying nearby. It’s a big turning point, turning the page to a brand new chapter or even a brand new story. You want to share this point with friends and family before you embark on your next great adventure.


Having your Senior Portraits done is more then just a right of passage; it's a milestone that you can look back on for years to come. Gone are the days that you had to sit down in front of a grey back ground, look at the photographer, and pretend to smile. Now, you can show friends and family what activities you like, sports you like to play, places you like to spend your free time; you get to show the real you and everything that you are.


So, now you have all these options. What are you going to chose to do? Do you want a picture with you horse out on the farm? How about showing off some dance moves in a studio? Do you have a passion for playing the saxophone? How about doing something totally off the wall, like adding dry ice mist, flour shots, or water play? Mom and dad want the head shot picture to hang on the wall, but who says it all has to be boring or dumb?


Congratulations for making it this far! Let this be the most rewarding, fun, and yes, safe, year yet!


Kristin Shriver

Blue Moon Photography, LLC



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